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GERMAN 322 A: Introduction To German Cultural Studies

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MWF 12:30pm - 1:20pm
RAI 116
Sabine Wilke
Sabine Wilke

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This course offers an introduction to German cultural studies. A core course for the major, it provides a foundation for upper-division courses in German literature and culture. We examine key concepts in German culture in a modularized approach (culture, representation, identity, difference, nation, and migration) and apply them to the German-American relation with the help of a grant from the German Embassy that is sponsoring activities within the framework of “Think Transatlantic: The United States & Germany in the 21st Century” campus weeks. This campaign aims at increasing the awareness of and the importance and stability of the German-American partnership during the last 65 years and its relevance for the future. Students across the country reconsider the importance of this partnership, its chances and its challenges in campaign events during October and November 2012. Students in 322 will work in teams on projects and events throughout the quarter, interacting with this nationwide campaign but also deepening their knowledge of German culture and the history of the transatlantic relationship through weekly readings and discussions. Readings include literary texts, cultural documents, and visual materials.

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Questions addressed include: What is "German culture," how has it been defined and contested, and how and why do we study it? Interdisciplinary methods and readings. Recommended: GERMAN 203.
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Arts and Humanities (A&H)
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