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GERMAN 592 A: Cultural Studies

Impacted Nature: Literature and Culture in the Anthropocene

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MW 3:30pm - 5:20pm
DEN 313
Sabine Wilke
Sabine Wilke

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This seminar will investigate the Anthropocene concept developed by Paul J. Crutzen in 2000 in terms of its impact on culture and develop a historical and critical perspective on the basis of readings of literary and cultural documents that feature the increasing impact of man's influence on the earth and the collapse of the nature/culture divide. We will critically analyze the scientific narratives and visualizations of the concept of the Anthropocene and then look at specific examples where Anthropocene phenomena are configured in literature and culture including texts by Wilhelm Raabe, Georg Kaiser, Alfred Döblin, Christa Wolf, Dietmar Darth, Ilija Trojanow, Fatih Akin and others. Students will be responsible for all readings, lead group discussions, and prepare collaborative presentations/events as well as individual contributions to a communal digital project.

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Seminar on rotating special topics dealing with periods, themes, or particular problems in German life and culture.
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