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“Professionalization Workshop on Digital Humanities”

Verena Kick (Graduate Student, University of Washington, Germanics)

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 1:30pm
Rey Library, Denny Hall 308

PFF Workshop: Digital Humanities

Workshop goal:

The goal of this workshop is to initiate a discussion about Digital Humanities (DH) in the Department of Germanics at UW. This workshop will also function as a preface to Todd Presner’s visit on March 12.

Workshop content:

- Humanities - Digital Humanities: What is the connection? 

- Defining DH; What values stand behind DH? What are DH projects? What aren't?

- Introduction of 2-3 DH projects as examples to test and showcase the values of DH and to show how DH projects are built and organized;

- What basic skills are necessary to create a DH project?

- How do DH relate to Germanics?