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German Film Series: Die weisse Massai / The white Massai (Hermine Huntgeburth, 2005)

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 5:30am
Bagley Hall, 260

It was supposed to be the last day of a beautiful summer vacation in Kenya for the Swiss couple Carola and Stefan. Then Carola decides that she will not return to Switzerland. She decides to stay with Lemalian, the local Samburu, and she follows him into the Kenyan outback to start a new life. Despite the challenges of simple living circumstances and major cultural differences, she marries Lemalian in a Samburu wedding ceremony, wearing a white dress according to her own cultural standards. After giving birth to her first child, Carola opens a small shop in order to help feed the family. Lemalian is unable to accept his wife’s new position as a successful business owner and an equal head of their household. The couple’s world of united cultures, the once seemingly impermeable dynamic of their relationship, is now in jeopardy. Will their varying and assumed expectations for one another tear them apart, or will they overcome their ideal roles for each other?

Based on a true story from the bestseller, “Die weisse Massai,” by Corinne Hofmann.

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