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German Film Series:  Requiem (2006)

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 6:00pm
Bagley Hall, 260

Inspired by the same events that were previously dramatized in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Requiem (directed by Hans- Christian Schmid) follows college freshman and devoted Catholic Michaela Klinger (Sandra Hueller) as she attempts to adjust to dormitory life while struggling to meet the growing pressures and academic expectations of school as well as fighting her epilepsy.  A tentative friendship with outgoing classmate Hanna (Anna Blomeier) and a blossoming romance with easygoing chemistry student Stefan (Nicholas Reinke) at first find the shy student developing a pair of healthy bonds. However an ill-advised abandonment of her medication regimen sets into motion a chilling series of events. Warned by a series of apparitions and disembodied voices that she should stay away from rosaries and crucifixes, Michaela seeks out the help of both her parents and amiable priest Father Landauer (Walter Schmidinger) to no avail. When Michaela becomes convinced that she is being made to suffer in the same manner of a well-known saint, well-intending pastor Borchert (Jens Harzer) hastily assembles an in-home exorcism that is destined to end in tragedy.

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