German Studies Departmental Honors (Ad Hoc)

For Winter 2023, applications (online) must be completed and submitted by Monday, Jan 16 @ 9:00am. If this is your first departmental honors project, you must reach out to the Honors Adviser, Professor Jason Groves (, to be enrolled in Departmental Ad Hoc Honors before submitting your application.
Any German Studies major is eligible to participate in Departmental Honors!
As this is an “ad hoc” honors program, you do not need to complete additional courses to
receive the honors distinction. Instead, you complete honors projects in courses that you
are already taking for the major (mostly 300-level and higher). You receive honors credits
for each project that you complete in a course, and you receive departmental honors once
you complete 20 credits, e.g. honors projects in four 5-credit courses).

• Individualized study and the opportunity to work closely with an instructor and topic
• Acquire more in-depth knowledge of the culture and history of German-speaking
countries and Europe
• No additional credits / courses are required, as this is an “ad hoc” honors program
• Successful completion = Distinction in German Studies on the transcript

• (GERM 311) Performance of Schubert’s Lieder and in-class presentation
• (GERM 411) Essay on film adaptations of texts read in class
• (GERM 423) Translation of a work of contemporary literature and accompanying essay
• Students must have an overall GPA of at least 3.3 and a GPA in German Studies of 3.5
• Students must have completed German 101 through 203, or the equivalent.

• Locate an instructor teaching that quarter who is willing to advise an honors project.
Student and instructor must agree on a project to be completed that quarter.
• Students apply online by navigating to and selecting
“ad hoc application”.
• The application consists of these questions (one paragraph responses per question are
sufficient) 1) What is the standard coursework for this class? Include details about
assignments, resources, activities and interaction with the instructor. 2) Outline your proposed ad hoc project. What is the primary focus of your project? What additional
work will you complete and how does it differ from the standard coursework? Include
details about assignments, resources, activities and progress toward overall objectives.
3) Discuss your motivations for pursuing this ad hoc project. What do you hope to gain
from completion of this project? 4) How does this additional work connect with the
educational goals of the course? 5) Outline your plan of interaction with your instructor,
including in-person meetings, forms of feedback, and additional communication.

Due Dates (Upcoming/Current Quarter)
Contract examples.

Contact Honors Advisor, Jason Groves (, with any questions.