Undergraduate Programs

What is German Studies?

Through German Studies, students go beyond the mastery of the German language to develop a broad understanding of the artistic and intellectual traditions of German-speaking countries and their people. The German Studies department is nationally at the forefront of innovative language teaching, literary and cultural analysis, and interpretation of the intellectual traditions.

Building on this strong foundation, students deepen their understanding of the language and cultures using approaches from diverse fields in the humanities and social sciences and hands-on, immersive learning opportunities. Graduates use their skills in verbal interpretation and analysis, critical thinking, and solving complex problems to succeed in diverse roles in the public and private sectors.

Why study German Studies?

  • Join an inclusive community: Our department promotes an inclusive learning environment, using teaching methods that affirm diverse identities, facilitate different learning methods, and support anti-racist work.
  • Gain real-world experience: We offer unique study abroad and internship opportunities that provide students with the chance to hone their language skills and gain valuable experiences they can draw on as alumni.
  • Thrive with personal support: From original research to departmental honors to The German Club, our students don’t just take advantage of existing opportunities to grow as scholars and community leaders: they create their own.
  • Advance important conversations: For decades, German-speaking countries have publicly grappled with combating oppression and white supremacy. As a major in the German Studies department, you’ll learn from public influencers in these discussions and contribute to them on campus and beyond.

What programs do we offer for undergraduates?

How do you major in German Studies?

German is a minimum requirements major: admission to the major status requires completion of GERMAN 202 or equivalent. To declare the major, students must contact Humanities Academic Services.

To learn more about applying to the university as an incoming student, please see information for first-year students, transfers, and international students.

How do you meet with a German Studies adviser?

Undergraduate advising for German Studies is provided through Humanities Academic Services.

If you have questions about German Studies programs or coursework, you can contact our Undergraduate Programs Coordinator, Kye Terrasi.