Languages Matter: Why we learn German

We asked students in our first- und second-year language courses why they learn German.

Here are some of their answers: Why I Learn German

Did you know that…

    • German is the language of Europe’s power house – it opens the door to new career opportunities
    • German is the language of a leading scientific and technological nation – it therefore offers new perspectives
    • German is the language of a culture that helped shape Western civilization for centuries – it provides direct access to intellectual and artistic traditions
    • German is the language of one of the world’s most vibrant cultural scenes today – it connects you with the latest trends

Everyone should learn a language:

There are many great reasons for learning German. Here are a number of links that provide more suggestions. They range from Germany as the home of some of the world’s greatest thinkers to Germany as a leader in innovative technology and the largest economy in Europe. To begin with, German is still the most widely spoken language in Europe and, contrary to what many people think, it is not as hard as you think: