Placement Test

How do I know which course I should take?

There are several ways to find out which courses you should take:

Option 1: Take the placement test (highly recommended for students with app. 1-3 years of German at the high school level or less than one year at a college level).

Option 2: Contact the Director of the Language Program at (required for students with 3 years or more of German at the high school level or more than one year at a college level). 

Placement tests

A placement test is strongly recommended for students who have taken German in high school and wish to continue study of German in college.  

When students want to register for courses, the following table may serve as a guideline for preliminary placement until final placement is determined by the placement test score. However, if a student decides not to take the placement test, s/he must adhere to this guideline for self-placement.

1 year of German in high school                  German 102
2 years of German in high school                German 103
3 years of German in high school                German 201

The German placement tests are administered by Avant.

Avant’s online placement tests make placing students in the correct language courses quick, easy, and accurate. The placement costs $39.90 US. If you need help with covering these costs, please contact the Director of the Language Program at for further information. You also must inform the Department of German Studies that you have taken the test.

Please make sure to read and complete the Technology Preparation steps before registering for the test.

Avant is happy to be working with you to deliver our web-based language proficiency test remotely. You are responsible for ensuring the readiness of the computer you will be using for the test and that the following requirements are met, with the support of the school/organization that is sponsoring the test.


Follow the steps below to ensure proper setup for computer settings.

Step 1: Review AVANT's Remote Technology Requirements

This guide provides technical information for computers and networks to help you prepare for using Avant’s assessments. Review the Remote Testing Technology Guide here:

Step 2: Review AVANT’s Remote Test Taker Guide

These guides provide information and instructions specific to the assessment to help you prepare for taking the actual test or a sample test. Review the specific Remote Test Taker Guide for the test you will be taking here:




Step 3: Complete a Sample Test

This is a quick and easy way to verify your technology is properly configured. Avant Sample Tests use the same technologies as the actual test so you will experience any technical issues in the Sample Test before registering for the actual test. Please make sure you can record your voice and listen back to your recording. If no button to listen back to your recording appears this means no recording was captured:


After completing the technology preparation, you can follow the steps below to register, schedule, and take your test. If you ran into issues inside the Sample Test, it’s best to resolve those issues before registering for the actual test.

Step 1: Register for your Remote Proctored Test

Use this link to register for your remote proctored test:!/German-Placement-Test/p/249682003/category=50023058

Step 2: Follow the Directions in the Confirmation Email to schedule your test

Step 3: Take your test at the scheduled time

Important Requirements

  • You will need to have a web camera
  • You will need a smart phone either iOS or Android
  • You will need speakers and a microphone OR a headset with microphone
  • You will need photo ID when scheduling your test and again when you take the test
  • This is a timed test.
  • Short breaks are not allowed so properly prepare yourself
Avant will be conducting scheduled maintenance on our systems the first Thursday of every month from 9:00-11:00 PM PDT. During this time both testing and reporting will be unavailable. However, our company website and email systems will be fully functional during this window. An alert will be posted on login pages a week prior to the maintenance. Students should avoid scheduling their testing around this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, your school/organization can help answer your questions, and the Avant Support Team is also here to help. Avant Support Team 888-713-7887

The UW is no longer providing testing services for non-University entities or individuals.

During this period of transition, students, faculty and staff can contact the Office of Educational Assessment in Undergraduate Academic Affairs using this email address: