Study Abroad

The Department of German Studies strongly supports and recommends that all students spend a significant time of their education abroad, ideally an entire year, but shorter and more flexible options are also possible. Programs in Germany and Austria are available to all students, regardless of major and German language proficiency provide language and subject specific courses that can be taken for UW credit. Nevertheless, we highly recommend that students complete at least one year of language instruction before going abroad.

The Department of German Studies sponsors the following UW study abroad options:

Next offered: Spring 2024
Berlin, Germany
Next offered: Summer 2024

Additional Programs

The UW Study Abroad offers a variety of direct exchanges at German and Austrian Universities whereby UW students enroll in regular university courses at the partner university and receive UW credit for their work. Participants in direct exchanges pay regular UW tuition to UW and no tuition to the host university in Germany or Austria.

There are also independent language programs attractive for short-term study abroad and intensive summer language study.

Use the links below to learn some basic information about the different exchange partner universities and their specific strengths.

Independent Language Programs

Direct Exchanges