Graduate Internship for UW Credit in German Studies

General Information

The Internship in German (paid or unpaid) offers graduate students the opportunity to sign up for internships in public institutions or private businesses. It is anticipated that the internship experience will provide a valuable tool to further increase the students’ skills in the fields of pedagogy, applied linguistics, or literary and cultural research. To secure a faculty sponsor, students should approach a faculty member who is qualified to advise and evaluate a scholarly paper/project on a subject related to the internship. The internship can be a chance to explore and test potential career options and to specify or expand research goals. Ideally, the internship will serve to enhance and further the students’ educational and professional objectives.

Registration Requirements

Students register for GERMAN 600.

Credits: 2-5 for one quarter with a maximum of 10. Credit/no credit only; registration in advance. Credits do not count toward requirements for the MA or PhD degrees in German Studies.

Secure approval and signature of Internship Field Supervisor, Faculty Sponsor, and Chair or Graduate Coordinator before requesting registration entry code at the Department of German Studies Main Office, Denny 360.

Internship Paper

Initial proposal indicating the expected learning goals of internship will be followed up after the completion of the internship with a final research paper or other academic project by student. The number of credits awarded will depend on the scope, difficulty, and length of the project, as determined by the faculty sponsor.


Written evaluation by employing agency sent to sponsoring faculty member or departmental adviser.

In order to receive credit for the Internship, a student must receive a satisfactory evaluation from the Internship Field Supervisor and a passing grade from the Faculty Sponsor. 

Questions? Please contact Graduate Program Coordinator Annegret Oehme.