See Internships: German 446 for how to apply and receive credit for the Internships in German course.

Below is a list of internship opportunities in German-speaking countries. Students are encouraged to research the various options thoroughly and to speak with an academic advisor to find out how to earn UW credit while working abroad. Students should also visit the UW's Office of International Programs and Exchanges for additional information.


How to find an internship in Germany

The Emigre Memorial German Internship Program EMGIP-German State Parliament

EUSA European Internship Program

IE3 Global Internships

Students can earn up to 12 UW credits per term through internships with IE3 Global. Individualized placements are possible in Germany, especially for students interested in business and STEM fields. Internships are available each quarter and students can intern for up to one year.

The USA-Interns Program

USA-Interns Application Form for Students from U.S. Universities (PDF)