Prof. Emer. Hellmut Ammerlahn on 200 Years of Grimm's Fairy Tales

Submitted by Andrew M Bedell on

On the 200th anniversary of Grimms Märchen, Prof. Emer. Hellmut Ammerlahn discussed the modern sanitization and enduring popularity of fairy tales with "Weekday" on KUOW Public Radio.

Note from Prof. Ammerlahn - "What you hear is a drastically reduced version of the interview I gave to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Grimm Brothers' fairytales. I am not happy that the broadcasters selected more sensational issues such as violence, but then skipped the reasons why I tell the fairytale of the Juniper Tree and why it has such profound deeper meaning. Left out among other topics were my explanations on how the intertwining of imagination and truth, the natural and supernatural, while enchanting, lead to transformation and growth. But do enjoy the tunes from Disney films which they inserted. Even KUOW feels it needs to be at least as entertaining as it might be informative."