Spring Convocation for 2012-2013 Graduates

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The Department of Germanics congratulates the 2012-2013 graduating class on their academic achievements.

A convocation ceremony for our graduating majors, minors, MAs and PhDs was held on Saturday, June 15th.  It was followed by a reception full of joyful hugs, hearty handshakes, and wistful goodbyes.

We wish our graduates all the best, and look forward to reading about their adventures and successes on the pages of this website! 

In addition to their certificates, the graduates were presented with a bookmark handcrafted by the Germanics Department Administrator, Stephanie WelchEach student received an entirely unique bookmark featuring an image from German or Austrian culture sealed under a dome of epoxy resin.  Thank you to Stephanie for making the department's tokens of appreciation and respect to its students so special and beautiful.   

Graduating Majors in Germanics 2011-12

Jesse K. Bratt

Eunice Cheng  with honors

Mercedes Simone Converse

Alexa Rowena Erickson

George Alexander Estes

Caitlin Nicole Jacques

Emily Rose Koski

Robert D. A. McVicar

Bailey Elizabeth Silver

Haley Elisabeth Smith

Shoguna B. Sobir

Robert Andrew Taylor

Ella Marie Mae Williams

William En Zhu

Graduating Minors in Germanics 2011-12

Sophie Caroline Gist

Taylor Lynn Gray

Amy Mae Hartquist

Kirk Aaron Jackson

Ana Sofia Knauf

Anna Zola Miller

April Anne Schoffer

Randy Lynn Siebert

Master of Arts in Germanics

Sven Kliem

Katherine Niceley

Vera Maria Pohland

Doctor of Philosophy in Germanics

Elisabeth D Cnobloch

Die Boten des Unglücks: Verortung der Sprache der Flüchtlinge in den Werken von Jakob Wassermann, Franz Kafka, Emine Özdamar und Herta Müller

Jan Hengge

Pure Violence on the Stage of Exception: Representations of Revolutions in Georg Büchner, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Heiner Müller, and Elfriede Jelinek

Kevin Bradley Johnson

Annexation Effects: Cultural Appropriation and the Politics of Place in Czech-German Films, 1930-1945