A journey back to 19th C. Seattle: Denny Hall renovation reveals its lovely bones

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Old Denny Hall
Denny Hall at the turn of the century
Denny Hall 3rd floor, 2015
June 2015: a last look at our old home, 340-C Denny Hall
Denny Hall 1st floor, renovations
November 2015: Denny Hall interior, first floor. Former home of LLC.
2nd floor Denny Hall
November 2015: exposed brick and wooden beams
3rd floor Denny, gutted center
November 2015: Scaffolding rises in the heart of the gutted building
3rd floor Denny, gutted center
A view of the former home of German Studies, 3rd floor.
4th floor Denny Hall
4th floor Denny Hall, future TA loft
Denny Hall 3rd floor, 2015
Exit stage left: a last look at the former Rey Library

This past summer the department packed away a century of memories (and files, and furniture!) and moved from the third floor of Denny Hall into our temporary accommodations high in Condon Hall, overlooking the growing Seattle skyline and an entire summer of golden sunsets. After many years of planning (and a budgetary setback known as 2008), the renovation of Denny Hall was finally underway!

This November, the former (and future!) occupants of Denny were allowed a peek inside the fenced-off ruins of our old building, with its dusty brick walls and high ceilings raised by sturdy wooden beams. Some of these once-buried treasures will (hopefully) still be on display when we move back home during the summer of 2016.

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