Popular Kaffeestunde conversation group to continue in Winter 2016

Submitted by Stephanie N. Welch on
Kaffeestunde continues in Winter 2016


The Department of Germanics is hosting a Kaffeestunde and we are delighted to offer a forum for our vibrant community of German speakers. This weekly social event provides students from all levels of German with the opportunity to practice and use their language skills in a relaxed and unstructured setting. Drawing on an important aspect of German culture, Kaffeezeit, students have the experience of socializing with friends and meeting new people over a cup of coffee, all while improving their language skills.

Students from other fields and working professionals on campus who want a chance to converse in German and make connections to the Department of Germanics are also welcome. Whether you are a native speaker or a brand new language learner, a shared passion for German brings people from all different academic backgrounds and interests together at the Kaffeestunde. We look forward to seeing you there!

When: Every Monday from 4-5 PM (from week 2-9 of the Winter quarter)
Where: Condon Hall 429