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David Canfield-Budde prepares for a third year "Beyond the Berlin Wall"

Submitted by Stephanie N. Welch on March 4, 2016 - 9:51am
Summer in Berlin study abroad
Summer in Berlin: Beyond the Berlin Wall

Summer in Berlin!

The study abroad program “Beyond the Berlin Wall” will return to Berlin for the third time during Summer Quarter 2016. Department of Germanics Affiliate Assistant Professor David Canfield-Budde will be joined by Department of Communication Professor Patricia Moy for a program focused on Culture, Communication, and Representation in Berlin.

The program brings UW students to Berlin for four weeks to explore how the past is represented in the urban landscape and how historical events shape present-day public representation and communication. With monuments, memorials, and museums as the interpretive backdrop, students explore how Germany’s varied and turbulent past impacts present-day public communication strategies. The program will examine a range of narratives around topics such as migration, minorities, surveillance, individual rights, and national identity – narratives that all resonate throughout the cultural and urban memorial landscape. The course aims to bring a unique international perspective to the undergraduate experience at UW, supporting the goal of reflective and engaged students.

But it’s not all work! One favorite outing is a bike tour through beautiful Potsdam, where Rococo meets the Cold War and the Bridge of Spies. The beach at Wannsee is another favorite destination for students to beat the summer heat, as are the outdoor cafes and parks throughout the city. Students on the program discover that Berlin is as exciting as it is varied, and a month is never enough time!

David Canfield-Budde spends his winter days working for the UW Graduate School as the Director of Academic Affairs and Interdisciplinary Programs. In the summer, he shares his passion for Berlin with UW undergraduates, looking for insights to the impenetrable.

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