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Congratulations to Darren Langston (BA 2016) on Amazon job!

Submitted by Michael Neininger on August 2, 2016 - 1:59pm
Darren Langston

Darren Langston provided some more details to his story:

"During my four and a half years at the incredible University of Washington, I decided not only to focus on my academics, but also my experience. I knew working would not only support me financially, but would also allow me to get my feet wet and give me the experience needed upon graduation for a professional position. All four years I balanced 2-3 jobs at a time, while pursuing my double BA in Germanics and Communications. I never imagined I’d find a position where I could utilize both degrees, but being a German native and social media and technology guru, I passionately pursued both degrees anyway.


Upon graduation, I was immediately offered a full-time position at one of part-time jobs at the time as a full-time consultant in property management. However, shortly thereafter, I received the email of a lifetime from the UW Germanics Department, discovered by Michael Neininger and delivered by one of my favorite Professors and greatest Undergraduate Advisers, Ellwood Wiggins. This email contained the job-opting for a German Speaking Risk Buyer Investigation Specialist at the Amazon Corporate Headquarters. 


Uncertain, I decided it was at least worth a try. I had the academic credentials, but I wasn’t sure if my status as a recent graduate and if my past jobs would directly translate. I heard back from the Amazon Recruiting department within a week, prompting me to answer a slew of qualifying questions via email. This was then followed by a video and written submission, in which my German competency and fluency was testing. With UW Germanics education under my belt, I moved on to 4 on-site interviews, followed by a final phone screening. 


After about a month and a half long stringent interview process, totaling in 7 interviews, I not once cracked under pressure and was able to make my knowledge and experience applicable.  I am delighted to announce that I have been offered the position and will begin my career at Amazon August 1st 2016. 


I want to thank my incredible University and the Germanics department for not only supplying me with adequate knowledge and skill, but also for reaching out to me regarding this position. I now get to use both of my degrees with a dream job and dream company. I’ll be sure to continue making the department and University proud!"

 Huskies represent.  Congratulations, Darren!

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