Kaffeestunde - Fall 2016

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Kaffeestunde -Danyun Chen and Kexin Xu

Each gathering of the Fall 2016 Kaffeestunde was a lively and fun-filled event!  Students from all levels came to converse and immerse themselves in German.  German 101 and 103 played creative games, while the higher levels took part in exciting activities and discussions.  Kaffeestunde is an opportunity for our students to not only improve their German, but also to connect with a warm and supportive community of language learners.  Thank you to the students for their passionate engagement with German and also to the graduate students and the Department of Germanics for all of their contributions. We look forward to seeing you at the Winter 2017 Kaffeestunde for more of what brings us together and for what we just can't get enough of: German!

Here's what our students are saying about Kaffeestunde:


Danyun Chen and Kexin Xu wrote:

“We like coming to Kaffeestunde because it is a really nice place to orally practice what we've learned in class and to meet friends who have similar interests (e.g. Deutsch :)). Also, it gives us opportunity to learn more about the German culture outside the classroom; we can ask everything and chat about many things about German-speaking countries. It is definitely worth it to spend an hour each week in Kaffeestunde.”


Phillip Wallace wrote:

“At Kaffeestunde, I could play games with the other German speakers and chat with my professor outside of the classroom, all while enjoying delicious coffee and cake.”


Phillip Wallace


Faruq Sultan Ramzanalli wrote:

5 Reasons to Attend Kaffeestunde:

1. Finding a grammar topic, or some vocabulary especially difficult? Come to Kaffeestunde and ask your instructor any questions!

2. Want some extra practice for this week's upcoming exam? Come to Kaffeestunde and gain a unique perspective on the chapter!

3. Think you're ready for tomorrow's exam? Test your mastery of German at Kaffeestunde!

4. Do you enjoy a fine piece of cake with a hot, aromatic cup of coffee? Indulge your senses and roll on down to Kaffeestunde!

5. Most important: Have fun, take a break, savor a laugh. Games will be played, jokes will be made, German will be learned! Join us weekly at Kaffeestunde!

Faruq Sultan Ramzanalli

Faruq Sultan Ramzanalli