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Languages Matter: Why we learn German (3) 

Submitted by Michael Neininger on December 15, 2016 - 1:29pm

Carolyn Knaack

 Carolyn Knaack

Intended major: Biology
Intended minor: Classics

"I started taking German because my family has German roots and I've always been curious as to why my last name is pronounced "Kuh-knock" instead of "Nack". I hoped it would be interesting and fun to learn more about my heritage and the culture of present day Germany, which I hope to travel to in the near future."


Haeden Coffey

 Haeden Coffey

Intended major: Business Administration.

Minor: Germanics

Why I learn German:

"The culture and history of Germany have always been a great interest of mine, so in my mind, learning the language of German was necessary to truly understand and be engrossed in the world of Germany. The study of a language, like German, rewards the student with an enriched knowledge of foreign cultures and opens up the possibility of studying other languages as well. With my knowledge of German, I hope to travel and learn more about the world, apply the skills learned in my Germanics classes to my study of Business, and possibly learn even more languages in the future."


Megan Bui

Intended major:  Informatics and Sociology

Why I learn German:

"Even if what I know is limited, I still get to make people laugh in more than one language. It's easy to take that communication for granted. Besides, German has been pretty helpful. I finally know what my Opa means when he yells, 'Dummkopf!' at other cars.”


Languages Matter: Why we learn German (4) 

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