Sabina Pasic on Rick Gray

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Sabina Pasic
Sabina Pasic, Associate Director, A.F.H – Culture Writers Agency
Blue Morpho
Blue Morpho - Sabina Pasic
Rick Gray
Rick Gray

“You are not a percolator, you are a Butterfly,” Professor Rick, my dissertation advisor, told me shortly after my defense. In the past, I’ve considered myself more like a moth or a percolator, but in the course of time I must have metamorphosed into a creature with colorful wings.

My academic journey was long, but I was never alone, for my advisor was always there with me. When I was opening a paragraph, or never ending it, when I was figuring out what my thesis is, or when I had to pick between 5 of them in one paragraph, when I saw him in the hallway and I didn’t turn in the chapter, or when I saw him in the hallway and I did turn in the chapter. He was always around! And I am very grateful that he was! Thanks to him, the little moth that was running towards the night-lights, can now flatter its colorful wings in the sun.

I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this fascinating creature, Blue Morpho, to Professor Rick. It is one of the largest butterflies in the world. While flying through the thick jungle foliage, its wings not only reflect the light, but also change shape and color, going from shimmering metallic blue to dull brown, allowing it to continuously disappear and reappear before the hungry spectator’s eyes.

Thank you Professor Rick for you support, your patience and your wisdom! I am fortunate to have had you as my mentor and teacher. May you continue to inspire others to navigate towards the light and strive for excellence!

On behalf of all Blue Morphos: Congratulations on your well-earned Retirement!


Warm Regards,


Sabina Pasic