Languages Matter: Why we learn German - Je Hyun Lee, Intended Major: Chemical Engineering; Intended minor: German

Submitted by Michael Neininger on
Je Hyun Lee , German 101

“For me, as a Korean, who learned English as his first foreign language, German seemed to be an interesting language as it is pronounced differently from English, yet has the same spelling. I also liked the strength and the freedom that comes with pronunciation in German. It was not an easy decision, but it was worth it to start learning German. A language is more than a tool for communication; it is the complex combination of one country’s history and culture over centuries. I feel like making another self of me when I learn a language. I am a Korean when speaking Korean. I pretend to be an American when speaking English. I try to be a German when learning German, trying to understand the subtle difference between Freunde and Bekannte. As the language, especially German, is not limited to specific majors, it is time to make another self of you to broaden your perspective!”