Annegret Oehme receives TTFI Fellowship

Submitted by Michael Neininger on
Annegret Oehme: Witchcraft. From History to Pop Culture - Poster design by Stephanie Welch

I am very excited to have been selected as a participant for this summer's Technology Teaching Fellows Institute at UW. As a TTFI fellow, I will be transforming my class “Witchcraft. From History to Pop Culture” into an online class. The course explores our fascination with witches in history and pop culture and, in the process, touches upon timely topics such as misogyny and social panic. The course is constructed around a 17th-century witch trial in Germany but ventures into different cultures worldwide (e.g. African, Asian, Latinx and Latin-American) and periods (medieval, modern, 21st-century).

The TTFI provides both the technological as well as the pedagogical resources to successfully create an experience that uses the strengths of online teaching. Teaching this class as an online course will help to reach a broader audience and enable students who depend on a flexible schedule or remote learning experiences to take this class too. Since collaboration has been an essential part of this class, I am particularly looking forward to learning new ways to keep this central aspect alive at the TTFI.