Cool Courses Summer 2021: Witchcraft: From History to Pop Culture

Submitted by Michael Neininger on
Witchcraft: From History to Pop Culture

For Summer 2021, I have been working on an online course with the Summer Sessions program at UW. I have taught the class as a traditional, in-person class in the past but never online. At the beginning, I was doubtful that this class – one of my favorite courses! – full of discussions and projects could be translated into an online experience in a meaningful way. But the pedagogy and IT experts at Summer Sessions transformed it into an exciting digital experience in ways that looked like witchcraft to me. Using all their magic, they turned simple lectures about Albrecht Dürer or Alchemy into interactive in-depth explorations of art and famous female scientists. Now students will have the chance to engage in discussions with each other about Benjamin Franklin’s satirical newspaper article “A Witch Trial at Mount Holly” remotely and can explore together why James I, King of England, would have truly enjoyed watching Bugs Bunny. 

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