Student Spotlight: Madison Keiran

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Madison R Keiran, Class of 2021

The Department of German Studies recognizes that our students are simply amazing. Today, we spotlight Madison Keiran.

your name: Madison Rose Keiran

Class of 2021

your hometown: Ipswich, Massachusetts

your favorite German-language text/author: My favorite German text is Momo by Michael Ende
why did you chose German as your language requirement? I have always been interested in the German culture and plan to work for the EU or a European NGO in the future, so German was a perfect fit.

what did you like most about the program? I really loved all of my teachers and that the curriculum included both literature and culture as well as language. I have made some lifelong friends from my German classes and the knowledge I gained will stick with me forever.

what interested you most within the field of German Studies (here you can talk about any special project(s) you worked on or particular interests you developed as German Studies major)?

Because I am an International Studies major with a concentration on Western Europe, I really enjoyed the historical and political aspect of the curriculum. Germany is one of the leading countries of the EU so I was always happy to learn about its history and current events.

what did you miss most in the online environment?

The thing I miss most is seeing my friends every day. As I previously mentioned, some of my best friends were made in my German classes and we always had a great time. I also miss seeing my teachers in person, because there is definitely a bond that the class forms with them in person that is lost in an online format.

tell us about your study experiences after graduation and what lies beyond UW?

After graduation from UW, I will be attending University College London (UCL) to earn my MSc in European Politics and Policy. I then plan on working either for the EU, a European national government, or a European NGO.

any advice that you might have for other language learners?

I understand more than anyone how stressful it can be to practice your language skills in front of others, but keep in mind that everyone else in the class feels the same way. No one will make fun of you for making mistakes! I promise! The more you put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone, the more you will get from your language classes. They may seem tough at times, but keep going! Languages are so important.