New Kade Fellows: Arpit Samuel

Submitted by Michael Neininger on
Arpit Samuel

Greetings everyone. My name is Arpit Samuel. It feels good to be here, especially having this opportunity to be part of University of Washington as a Max Kade Fellow in the Department of German Studies. Coming from India, this has been a huge move for me, but all the more exciting, with the way everything has exploded into life from my humble beginnings.

I taught myself German mostly on my own through books in the hopes of expanding my reach in my profession and ended up doing Masters in German literature from the University of Delhi during the pandemic, which essentially opened one opportunity after another, starting with a scholarship to attend Heidelberg University in Germany, then working at Amazon as a Content Reviewer in the German marketplace, to finally finding my way to UW as a Kade Fellow.

My academic interests are in their formative stages but I find myself keenly interested in analyzing villainous characters in films and literature that function as the mouthpiece for the author/director to speak bitter truths about reality.

I enthusiastically look forward to making the most of my time here at UW in the years to come and what the future holds, as it unfurls with exciting new possibilities and adventures.