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sabine wilke
UW German Studies Expresses its Gratitude to Retiring Professor Sabine Wilke
Theo Llewelyn and Rachel Lundeen
Theo and Rachel’s Revolutionary Discoveries
New Planet
Welcome to the Revolution!
Fantastic Fungi
Hanauer Seminar 2021-22 :: Environments in the 21st Century: Migration, Climate, Extinction, In/humanness, Non-Humans and Beyond
George Floyd
GSA Initiative for Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion
Special Issue "Environmental Imagination and German Culture"
Call for Papers: Special Issue "Environmental Imagination and German Culture"
Anne Potjans
Beyond Kinship and National Identity: Ika Hügel-Marshall’s Daheim Unterwegs: Ein Deutsches Leben
Chase Emrys Stamper
Newly Minted PhD and Go-Map Scholar: Chase Emrys