Hilde Bial-Neurath

Hilde Bial-Neurath with son, Peter Neurath

The Bial-Neurath family

Peter Neurath, the son of Hilde Bial-Neurath and Hans Neurath, shares memories of his mother:

What stands out to me in my memory of my mother is how friendly and outgoing she was. She loved people and she loved conversation.


My recollection is that she was one of the early women to go into residential real estate. She loved matching people up with homes, that they found what they really wanted, she just so thoroughly enjoyed finding homes for people matching them up. Again this was all an extension of her tremendous sociability.


The only other thing we did together was that occasionally we would go “spazieren”. We would go on walks together. She enjoyed walking.


I suspect that she would have liked to have danced. I never saw her dance. That was my greatest regret because I loved dancing.


My mother was an accomplished cello player. For several years she played for the University of Washington Orchestra. I remember as a boy lying in bed, listening to my mother and her friends downstairs playing chamber music.


Hilde Bial-Neurath

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The Bial-Neurath family