Art + Science = Environmental Humanities

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Environmental Humanities is an emerging area of study that looks at how our views of the environment are shaped by culture through the lens of literature, cinema, and art. Faculty from the departments of English, Germanics, and French and Italian Studies teach courses in the humanities that complement the scientific work being done in other areas of the university. For more information on classes in the Environmental Humanities, email Sabine Wilke, Chair of the Germanics Department at In the winter quarter 2014, Professor Wilke will be teaching GERMAN 298A, Literature, Culture, & the Environment: Food, Animals, Waste, and Climate in the Anthropocene.

The "Art + Science =" video series celebrates the intersection of scholarship within the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences:  Showcasing collaborative opportunities within the University of Washington College of Arts & Sciences, the series also reflects our dedication to fulfilling the mission of the College, which is, in part, to provide a liberal arts education in a research university with rich opportunities to explore our cultural and natural worlds.Follow the College of Arts and Sciences online:


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