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Congratulations on Awards

Submitted by Stephanie N. Welch on March 4, 2016 - 10:15am
Kye Terrasi
Kye Terrasi

Andre Schütze, Kye Terrasi and Justin Mohler have received funding from the Simpson Center to attend the 2016 DHSI in Victoria. They will attend a course on Geographical Information Systems in the Digital Humanities, a tool that will allow them to visualize trends of diversity in the city of Berlin, to map and explore their spatial relations and to compare and contrast patterns of diversity within other urban spheres.  Andre and Kye are eager to test the feasibility of incorporating this technology into various urban humanities classes, such as the course they are offering on diversity in Berlin in the Spring 2016.  They envision this technology as playing an integral role in students' future projects on contemporary Berlin.


Kye Terrasi has received a summer grant from the Goethe Institute to pursue pedagogical Fortbildung in Berlin during August 2016.  She will participate in the program Kunst und Kultur in Berlin, which includes research projects conducted in conjunction with an exploration of the city's museums, galleries, special exhibits and theatrical performances.  Members of the seminar collaborate in discussions with experts on the cultural scene of Berlin and explore how to incorporate this material into the classroom.  She hopes to develop useful techniques that will illuminate the culture of Berlin in both language and content courses

Congratulations to all!