Building an Environmental Humanities Community across Disciplines: Explore our New Digital Platform:

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Building an Environmental Humanities Community across Disciplines

Verena Kick and Sabine Wilke launched a new digital platform to support research and scholarly exchange in the environmental humanities in October 2016. This platform replaces the old website "Environmental Humanities: A Transatlantic Research Network," designed by Verena, that supported the scholarly network founded by Sabine with funds from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation through their Alumni Prize competition from 2011 until now. While the website for the transatlantic research network was functional, we always envisioned a more interactive platform that could do a lot of things for different people and different projects and, most of all, build an EH community across different disciplines. In 2014, Verena and Sabine attended the Digital Humanities Summer Institute in Victoria and connected with Digital Humanists there to learn about what it takes to design such a platform. We tested it in 2015 and Verena then put the finishing touches on it.

Try it out and see for yourself! Explore our New Digital Platform:

Together with or social media platforms (EH Commons is also on facebook: and on Twitter: @EHCommons), we have already over a thousand users and supporters and we are looking forward to expanding the EH community!