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Languages Matter: Why we learn German (2)

Submitted by Michael Neininger on December 15, 2016 - 1:20pm
Languages Matter: Why we learn German
Odmaa Munkhjargal - Why I learn German

Odmaa Munkhjargal

Major: Economics

Why I learn German:

"Ich nahm Deutsch 101 vor zwei Jahren. Weil ich in Europa leben will, beschloss ich Deutsch zu lernen. Deutsch ist die meist gesprochene Sprache in Europa. Es gibt rund 120 Millionen deutsche Muttersprachler auf der ganzen Welt. Viele Menschen sprechen auch Deutsch als ihre zweite oder dritte Sprache. Ich mag die Deutsch 101 Klasse sehr und nahm alle einhundert und zweihundert Klassen. Deutsch ist eine sehr schöne, interessante Sprache!"


Shuang Chen

 shuan chen

Major: History

Why I learn German:

"In my opinion, the best chance to learn a foreign language is to study it in college. UW provides a great environment for students to practice speaking and writing skills every day, which makes learning German not at all intimidating. There are many important reasons for studying German. Germany is one of the most influential countries in Europe, and it has many prestigious institutions, so studying German might be the first step to think about studying or working there for a while. German and Austrian literature is also prominent, and learning German can enable you to read the texts in its original language. My personal reason to learn German is that I need to learn a second language as a history major, and many historical sources are written in German. Since English and German are similar in many ways, I encourage anyone interested in German to try learning it. It might be easier to learn than you think."


Daniel Callahan

Major: Informatics

Why I learn German:

„My grandmother grew up in Southern Germany, and my father was born there. I’ve always wanted to develop a better understanding of the German language and culture, and in studying them, I feel even closer to my grandmother and my family as whole. Even though I‘m working towards a degree in Informatics, the time I’ve spent studying German has been worth every moment “



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