News from our Alums: Ana Sofia Knauf (BA 2013)

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Ana Sofia Knauf

Ana Sofia here. I graduated with a Germanics minor and Journalism major in 2013. 

Since graduating, I have written for a number of local news publications, including The Seattle Globalist, Grist, and Crosscut. In March 2016, I began working full-time at The Stranger, a local alt-weekly newspaper. At the paper, I cover issues in Seattle's neighborhoods, civil rights issues, and culture. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use my three years of German all that much through my work, but it did get me through a two-week trip to Kassel last January! 

As for an article, here's this one: Is Trump Mania Responsible for the Online Harassment Campaign Against Three University of Washington Teachers?

I hope all is well in the German department! I had the pleasure of running into Hr. Ellwood Wiggins at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day march earlier this month!


Ana Sofia

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