Languages Matter: Why we learn German - Stephanie Smotherman, Major: Astronomy and Physics

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Stephanie Smotherman, German 101

Stephanie writes: 

         "I like to study subjects that transport me to new places and strengthen my understanding of the places I encounter everyday. While studying Astronomy, my major, gives me the information to imagine new worlds, studying new languages opens a window for me to view other areas of our world. For me, learning German isn’t only about new vocabulary. It’s also a way for me to get to know German culture and customs and get more acquainted with history from a different perspective and place. I have also found that studying new languages is a wonderful way to get to know my first language better. As I learn more about German sentence structure and punctuation, I become more familiar with English grammar. While studying German isn’t the same as jumping on a plane to Germany, it offers an insight into the country and its people that traveling alone can’t provide."