Languages Matter: Why we learn German - Elijah Pasco (Linguistics and Drama double major)

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Elijah Pasco

      "I have always been fascinated by languages. I find it intriguing how so many different people can communicate the same thing in so many different ways; be it by using different languages, different dialects, and even different accents. I initially started studying German because of its close relation to English. I have always been interested in historical linguistics, and I love seeing the connections between different languages and how they are related to each other.  As a future dialect coach, and linguist, I love learning about how different cultures use their language to form their identity, and how their language can influence and shape their identity. German in particular has opened me to different ways of life, thinking, and learning. And while our differences in accents, dialects, and languages seem to divide us, it is my belief that it is what brings humanity together.”