New Faculty Publication by Klaus Brandl: Zeitlose Themen in Zeitlosen Geschichten

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Zeitlose Themen in zeitlosen Geschichten

Zeitlose Themen in zeitlosen Geschichten is a course book intended for university students of German at the advanced level. While ten literary texts and films provide the main organizational structure of the course, the book follows a combination communicative, content-, and task-based approach to its syllabus design. By engaging students in a variety of themes focusing on topics such as political systems, racism, violence/nonviolence, gender issues, personal growth and goals, relationships, love, and identity, this course fosters the development of students' language skills who aim to achieve B-2 level competency. The book strengthens students’ skills in selected grammar structures and expands on their knowledge of vocabulary introduced in the films and texts. 

A Course Book for Learners of German at the Advanced Level (Preliminary Edition), Klaus Brandl, Cognella 2018