Languages Matter: Why we learn German (Alex Seo, German 102)

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Alex Seo

About a year ago, I found myself enjoying a certain type of German music. I couldn’t understand the lyrics, but it had a nice ring to it. It was something new. That was a good enough reason for me to sign up for the German 100 series when I came to UW. It seems as though my choice was spot on, because I grew very fond of the language itself. It has an absolutely intriguing grammatical system that is very orderly. At the same time, you can familiarize yourself with it rather easily if you are an English speaker. Apart from the charm of the German language, the faculty of the Germanics department elevates the learning experience even more. As a student who is looking to study the discipline of languages, I believe it was an excellent decision to bring a third one into my life. And I am glad I chose German.