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Cool Courses for Summer: Zoom on Over to Germany- Ich bin ein (Virtual) Berliner! 

Submitted by Michael Neininger on March 31, 2021 - 12:21pm
Berlin at night

Are you looking for a summer course and a fun and engaging way to earn 6 credits? German 399 is a student-centered, collaborative, project-based and immersive exploration of the art, music, food, history, and people of Berlin. We will have the opportunity to engage in a virtual exploration of different neighborhoods in Berlin, highlighting interesting features, restaurants and shops that we can access when we actually travel there. Major museums in Berlin have set up virtual platforms for their collections, so we can fully interact with the artworks and museum space. One of the most fascinating aspects of Berlin is the wall, and we will have a guest speaker from East Germany to give us an insider’s perspective on life in the DDR and the fall of the Wall. We will also enjoy a cooking course and the chance to cook (and eat!) an authentic German recipe. An expert on German music will give us insight into the music scene in Berlin. We will also 'attend' virtual performances and readings. Berlin's history will take on an interactive dimension as we examine different epochs through the lens of famous memorials. No matter where you are Zooming in from, we will all take part in the shared experience of traversing this city, utilizing interdisciplinary materials, technology, guest speakers, and innovative online resources as our passport to virtual travel. In this unique way we can create an immersive summer trip abroad and learn more about the German culture in the diverse and exciting metropolis Berlin.

Students will earn 6 credits, including VLPA and I&S credits.
Instructors: Prof. Andre Schuetze and Prof. S. Kye Terrasi
Taught in English- no German required
Summer Term A
Cost: $1900 (+ $460 study abroad fee) (Price is less than a traditional 6 credit summer class at UW!)

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NOTE:  To be considered for a UW Study Abroad Scholarship, you must apply by the priority application deadline of April 1, 2021.