Graduate Student Update: Anshuang Yang

Submitted by Michael Neininger on
Anshuang Yang

I miss Seattle!

As a graduate student who will be graduating this June, I only spend one year’s time at Seattle due to the pandemic, now I am having online classes in my home country and I really miss everything in Seattle now.

Studying at the University of Washington is something I did not expect to happen in my life. I feel grateful that the Germanics Department offers me the fellowship to support my dream and the teaching opportunity enriches my own career development, I have so many wonderful students and it is such a pleasure for me to make use of what I have learned.  I confirm where my passion is-teaching can always make me happy and satisfied!

I also appreciate the opportunity for me to experience a wonderful learning environment and gain all the supportive help from everyone in the department, especially when I am not in Seattle right now, the support and understanding I gain really make me feel warm. I feel like it is such a pity for me being not able to graduate on-site and share my happiness with all my department friends and everything there.

But I do not feel like the graduation is an end for me, one day I will go back to Seattle and find back my enthusiasm and make up everything I miss!