Student Testimonials - Summer in Berlin 2022

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Cassidy Lucht

"The Summer in Berlin program was such an enriching experience for me. Not only did I get to

practice and improve my German language skills in a high-level classroom, but also got to

experience so many other parts of German culture that I would not have had the opportunity to

had I not been in this program. An amazing part of this program is the fact that none of our

classes with Andre and Kye were inside a classroom. We were able to use the city as our classroom by

going to various museums, monuments, and other landmarks around Berlin. I learned that

Berlin is so rich in culture and history, but also learned how important it is for us and Germans

to look back at their dark past, so that they can learn from it. It was so eye-opening to learn

about so many different aspects of German history and meet amazing new people, eat delicious

food, experience new things, and explore the vibrant city of Berlin." -Cassidy Lucht

Gabrielle Stork with Cassidy and Meng Shi

Gabrielle Stork with Cassidy and Meng Shi

"Being able to spend this most recent summer in Berlin not only allowed me to expand my

knowledge of the German language, but also encouraged me to reflect on Berlin’s past, present

and future with my peers. Having visited Berlin in the past, I thought I understood the dynamics

of the city, but as soon as I stepped foot into Berlin’s main city center, I knew things had

changed. The change I felt was not due to a singular event, but rather was attributable to

Berlin’s ever-evolving culture, being Germany’s most multicultural and fast-paced city. And with

Professor Terrasi and Professor Schütze’s curriculum, I was able to better understand the stark

changes Berlin has experienced over the past century, socially, culturally, and historically, and

what Berlin’s future potentially looks like. The five weeks I spent in Berlin were enriched with

cultural exposure, language learning, and adventure, making it easily the best summer I have

had in a while. By the end of the program, I felt as if Berlin had become my new home and

although it was difficult to leave, I would not have wanted to experience Berlin with any other

professors and group of students. Although my time in Berlin was temporary, I know both my

peers and I will hold onto the memories and experiences from our time studying abroad well into

the future."- Gabrielle Stork


Daniel Popa with Miriam Stein

Daniel Popa and Miriam Stein

"For me the Summer in Berlin program was an amazing way to explore my interests in German

language and culture, and to experience them in ways that are not always possible in a traditional

class at UW. The most important part of this program to me was the amount of exploration we

did around Berlin. Being able to learn about important historical and cultural events where they

really happened gave a lot more weight to what is being taught. I could see and feel that what we

were learning was important rather than just being told it was. I now have not only significantly

more interest, but also respect for German culture after having had these experiences. Constantly

touring the city was also great reinforcement for our German lessons. It is extremely rewarding

and motivational to finally be understood by native speakers, which is important because a lot of

German is taught in a short amount of time during the program. Being taught in Berlin has the

added advantage of being exposed to different “types” of German, like dialects and

colloquialisms. Class dinners and group projects helped make a community where I felt

connected to the class and was able to make friends. For any level of knowledge on German

language or culture the Summer in Berlin program is both challenging and fun and is a great

opportunity to experience German culture." -Daniel Popa


Alexander Reiss: A Journey Never to be Forgotten

"The cliché for any student who has just returned from a study abroad is to say that it was

a ‘life changing’ experience. The culture, the language, the art and so on impacted them in a way

which they would have never expected. I believe it is the mystery and the ambiguity in these

statements which is the reason why we tend to roll our eyes when we hear them. However, I

suppose I will follow in the footsteps of many in saying that the Berlin summer abroad program

was indeed a life changing experience. Though, I would add that the tailored experience, the

culture, language and so on, were factors in my awe while abroad, the ability to mold the trip

into one of wonder and adventure in your own eyes is what makes the cliché saying a reality.

The German department’s Berlin summer abroad program is not just educational or useful, but it

opens a plethora of doors in which students may explore a potentially new place in a variety of

different ways. Through history or culture, architecture or food, you can create your own quasi

class which will enhance the general benefits of the program overall. By far the greatest piece for

me while studying abroad was the ability to see with my own eyes the many wonders which I

have heard or read about. Couple this with the spontaneous outings with friends and you are

almost guaranteed to have a unique story to tell. All this is beyond what is advertised upfront, but

what comes with the program shouldn’t be swept aside. Classes are set in a way where you may

progress at your own pace. Professors are kind and there to help. The added cultural studies

which are separate from your regular German classes give you a fantastic chance to learn,

explore, and have fun in a mostly outdoor setting. For those looking to improve their German

and/or get ahead credit wise before the start of the next academic year, I highly encourage you to

sign up. For those who have no German language or German anything experience, as well as

those who are not German majors/minors, do not hesitate to join. I was a history student and

nothing during the program seemed irrelevant to me. As I said before, it’s all about how you mold

your journey using the many resources made available to you. Plus, there are plenty of

scholarship opportunities for those who may need them. All in all, I would highly recommend

the Berlin summer abroad program to any and all students, as it was truly life changing." - Alexander Reiss