News from our Graduate Students: Shallom Ogungbade in Nigeria

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Shallom Ogungbade

In 2021, I decided to continue my academic journey by pursuing a master's degree in German. At the time of this decision, I was still in my final year as an undergraduate. It almost seemed like an unattainable goal, when I realized that there is only one university in Nigeria that offers German at the post graduate level and the courses they offer do not align with my research interests. I didn't know what else to do and I almost gave up on this dream. I spoke to my undergraduate lecturer about this decision, he was very impressed and advised that I should try Universities outside Nigeria particularly the U.S.

I began a thorough research on universities that offer German at the postgraduate level in the U.S. I was on the lookout for a perfect school in a beautiful city, where I can study, research and be outstanding. A friend of mine recommended I check University of Washington. At the first click on the website, I immediately fell in love with the school because I love purple. I found out that the University of Washington had what I was looking for, a university in a beautiful city with a fantastic track record. I went ahead to check the department of German website and discovered that the courses offered, and professors research align with my research interests. I read the 2022 spring newsletter and I became more determined to be a part of the department.

Fortunately for me, the department was still receiving entries at the time I applied. Words cannot explain the joy I felt when I finally got my offer letter. I am grateful for the opportunity, and I will make the best out of it. I am very excited to begin this new journey at UW. I am certain I will be able to achieve my career and academic goals at UW.

So far, I have met amazing people. I have been very excited yet nervous about moving to a new city, leaving my family, and traveling miles away from them. But the people I have met so far have been very nice and helpful. I have also been trying to get to know more about UW and Seattle. I have watched lots of YouTube videos and read various articles about Seattle, but nothing can be compared to experiencing it oneself.

I look forward to joining in the Winter quarter. I am equally open to the new experiences that are to come.

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