Spring 2023: Featured Courses in English

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Spring 23: Popular Film and the Holocaust

As you start thinking about spring quarter 2023 course registration, check out our featured courses in the Department of German Studies. They’re in English, open to all students, have no prerequisites, and fulfill Areas of Knowledge requirements as noted.

GERMAN 195/ JEW ST 175: Popular Film and The Holocaust 

Through films about the Holocaust, with particular emphasis on popular films, we will ask the question, "Have we learned nothing?”  Recent events around the globe have revived memories of the Holocaust and the devastating possibility that history could repeat itself.  Given the thousands of films, books, songs, and other works related to the Holocaust, why has its central and most compelling message — that nothing can justify or redeem genocide — been lost?

Richard Block, German Studies, Jewish Studies; 5 credits, DIV / A&H


GERMAN 220 A: Origins Of The Germanic Languages 

This class offers an introduction to the origins of German, English, and their closest relatives with a special focus on the sociolinguistic context. Over the course of the quarter, students will familiarize themselves with Old High German, Old English, Gothic, Old Norse, Old Saxon, and Old Low Franconian regarding their linguistic features, the people who spoke it, and the literature they produced. Taught in English. 

Annegret Oehme, German Studies; 5 credits, Arts and Humanities (A&H)


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