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Jewish Studies

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  • Annegret Oehme, "The Knight without Boundaries: Yiddish and German Arthurian Wigalois Adaptations", Explorations in Medieval Culture, Volume: 17, Brill, 2021 Learn more
  •  “The Ends of Judaism: Heinrich Heine’s “The Rabbi of Bacherach’ New Centennial Review 14.2,(Winter 2019) 147-67. Learn more
  • same as above Learn more
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  • Ellwood Wiggins, "The Myth of Tragedy: Fictions of Dialogue in Mendelssohn's Letters on the Sentiments and Shaftesbury's The Moralists," Lessing Yearbook/Jahrbuch, XLIII (2016): 35-54. Learn more
  • Elisabeth Cnobloch. "Messengers of Ill Tidings: Situating the Speech of Refugees in the Works of Jakob Wassermann, Franz Kafka, Emine Özdamar and Herta Müller" Diss. Learn more
  • Publications  Learn more
  • Oehme, Annegret. “He Should Have Listened to His Wife.” The Construction of Women’s Roles in German and Yiddish Pre-modern Wigalois Adaptations. De Gruyter, 2019. Learn more
  • N/A Learn more

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