News from our Graduate Students: Rebecca-Sophie Glaw

Submitted by Michael Neininger on
Rebecca-Sophie Glaw

Hi everyone,
I am Rebecca, the current exchange graduate student from Münster. I came to Seattle last
September to start a teaching program here in the German Department of the University of
Washington. After the years of privation due to the pandemic, I wanted to do something
different and gain new experiences. This exchange offered me not only the great opportunity
to spend some time abroad and teach and study German in a non-German speaking country,
but also to meet many new people, and find friends for life.
I am passionate about teaching, and it is an absolute pleasure to work together with so many
students who want to learn German and are interested in the German culture. I am
pleasantly surprised how many learners study hard to improve their language skills. And for
me as a teacher it is wonderful to see the students’ progress in learning German. Because I
am an exchange instructor, I also want to include as much cultural aspects in my classes as
possible – I hope you guys enjoy(ed) it!
What I like the most about the Seattle area is the absolutely stunning nature! This area has
all one could wish for: hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, and the sea. And here are the most
amazing and gigantic trees I have ever seen. Also, I was surprised how “green” the campus
is (or as of right now pink because of the incredibly beautiful cherry blossoms)!
I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to be part of this exchange program, to teach my
mother tongue German at UW and to spend nine months here in Seattle! Thanks to all of you
who made my time here so very special!