Study Abroad: Spring in Vienna and Summer in Berlin

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Summer in Berlin

From Wien to Berlin:

Our students reflect on the Spring in Vienna and Summer in Berlin study abroad programs.  See what they have to say!

You should apply for Summer in Berlin

because Berlin is such an amazing, vibrant and lively city. It has something for everyone, whether you like parks, museums, art, music, food or anything else. The program is really well organized and Kye and Andre pick a great variety of activities to try and show the students a diverse picture of Berlin. You should also apply because there really is nothing like German bakeries and 50 cent bread rolls. - Reese Miller

because you will make great friendships and explore the fascinating history of Berlin. During my time in Berlin, I was able to greatly improve my German skills with language courses and everyday usage on the streets of Berlin's unique neighborhoods. I also fostered some amazing friendships and made memories that I will never forget. Summer in Berlin gives you endless possibilities to explore yourself, Berlin, and the rest of Germany... and maybe even a trip to another country! I had so much fun on this program, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in German history or the German language. - Marshall Bender

because there is no better time than now to explore a new city with peers and dive into German culture through multiple lenses and perspectives. Kye and Andre truly do a fantastic job leading the study abroad group through the cultural complexities of modern-day Berlin, all while paying close attention to how the present and past interconnect. - Gabrielle Stork

because it is an opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime. Berlin is a city deeply steeped in art, history, and culture, and there is no other city in the world that resembles Berlin. If you never visited Berlin, you should go; If you have been to Berlin, you should go again! Experts who know all about Germany will accompany you as you embark on this journey, and you will befriend fellow comrades as you explore the culture and language together. Wanna get dressed up for fancy concerts and operas? Berlin has got you covered! Wanna enjoy a variety of fine German beer and the best vegan Chinese restaurant in Europe? Berlin has got you covered! Wanna see thousands of Germans swarming in a small pond of a city park even though the swimming pool is right next door? Berlin has once again got you covered! Join Summer in Berlin, and you will have the experience you desire :) - Meng Shi


spring in vienna

My favorite part of Spring in Vienna

was experiencing immersion in such a different culture! It was such an amazing experience to live in Vienna and get to explore the food, art, and city life! It’s a different feeling when you’re immersed for a whole quarter. I really felt a strong attachment to the city by the time it was time to leave!- Ellie Smith

was meeting new people. Not only did I meet many different people from UW but I had the chance to meet people from all over the world, particularly in our German class. I made friends with people from: Japan, Chile, Austria, Morocco, Russia and Ukraine. When I first applied for the program, I figured I would meet people from UW, but I didn't expect to make any friends in Vienna. I was pleasantly surprised. It was so fun to be around people from all over and we got to bond by learning about each other’s cultural differences. - Elana Klopfstein

was immersing myself in a new language and culture. Throughout the program, we had the opportunity to attend classes held in various museums, churches, and different districts of the city. However, one of the standout moments was our class trip to Salzburg, where we enjoyed a captivating music performance and watched the sunsets from the castle. For me, studying abroad in Vienna was not solely about academics; it was about creating unforgettable lifelong memories. I can confidently say that it was, and will remain, the most cherished quarter of my college life. -Angel Huang