I am First-Generation: Annegret Oehme

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Annegret Oehme

"Seek mentors and advisors whom you can trust and who also understand your situation. Ask questions if you are unsure about procedures, classes, or course of studies! Use the resources you have available. Don’t ever feel embarrassed for asking for advice or help! UW holds many resources and nobody wants to see you fail!" -- Annegret Oehme, Associate Professor, Department of German Studies.

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Upcoming course: German 285 A: Diversity in the Middle Ages (Winter 2024)

Annegret Oehme, recent publications:

Edited Journals/Books:
This special issue shows current research trends in contemporary medieval studies and highlights the cultural, geographical, and linguistic plurality of what we consider "German" and "Germany" pre-1700.
This study features essays from leading scholars highlighting the important Jewish contributions to the popular medieval romance genre.
“Viduvilt. The Yiddish World of Arthur.” In The Arthurian World, edited by Miriam Edlich-Muth, Renée Ward, and Victoria Coldham-Fussell, 241-255. Oxon/ New York: Routledge, 2022.
In this article, I emphasize the relevance of the Yiddish Arthurian romance tradition centering around the lesser-known knight Viduvilt, arguing that there is not just one adaption but a rich Yiddish adaptation tradition that shows sustained interest in and engagement with tales about King Arthur and his knight among Yiddish-speaking Jews over several centuries. 
“Angelic Giants and Monstrous Kings in the Old Yiddish Dukus Horant.” Euphorion (116) 2022, 1-22. 
This paper explores how the Old Yiddish epic Dukus Horant reinvents the bridal quest tradition. 
“Wagner’s Rheingold,” program notes, Seattle Opera, August 2023
Here, I offer an eco-critical look at Wagner's Rheingold and the role of the Rhinemaidens within the Ring cycle in the the context of Seattle Opera's Rheingold (season 2023/24)


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