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Check out these fun English-language courses in German Studies! 

Open to everyone -- no prerequisites! 

  • Vampires, Vamps, and Villains: Introduction to Weimar Film (German 371) 
    • In this course, we will utilize films from pre-WWI to the rise of Hitler as a means to explore urgent topics such as sexuality, the evolution of gender roles, the rise of the metropolis, the influence of mass media, criminality, technology, and the apocalyptic effects of modern warfare. Through our examination of avant-garde-, horror-, science fiction-, Hollywood- and propaganda-films, we will gain insight into one of the most tempestuous and transformative periods in German history. This class incorporates creative projects as assessment, allowing students to collaborate and apply their own areas of knowledge to the course.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: The Rhetoric of Compassion (German 385)
    • Is compassion the foundation of human morality or a dangerously unreliable emotion? This course explores sympathy through moral philosophy, literature and film. We test the limits of empathy with creative projects about the world's worst villains.
  • The History of the German Language (German 452)
    • In this course, you will gain a better understanding of the “biography” of the German language in the geographical areas of its origin as well as abroad. The class is grounded in socio-historical linguistics as we are exploring the German language with a specific focus on its developments and the relationships between the language and its speakers in a historic dimension.