Junior Lizzie Feir invites you to Check out German at UW!

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Lizzie Feir
German Club
MAY DAY: German Club/Euro Club

Hello all! My name is Lizzie Feir and I am a PR representative for the German Club! I'm a Junior at UW double majoring in International Studies and Economics.

German Club meets Mondays 5pm in Denny 359; it's a great opportunity to practice German, learn more about German culture, and make lifelong friends! While participation is fun, if you're looking to be productive and add to your CV, some of our officers are graduating so positions are opening up!

My personal experience with German Club/ Department:

Most of my classes have large class sizes, sometimes containing up to 500 students. And while I love UW, the classroom setting is academic and can make it hard to meet people and make friends. German class and club have been such a fantastic experience for me. Immediately, German class and club met me with a warm, welcoming environment. Right away, I made a bunch of friends and all with similar German interests. I know Germans aren't always known for being super friendly, but the experience going to German Club, Kaffee Stunde ("Coffee Hour", A German Social Event, Denny 359, Every other Tuesday @2:30pm), and German Class has been overwhelmingly positive and social. I started out at UW knowing zero German, but no matter your level there is someone there happy to talk with you and help you improve.

Even if you're not interested in studying the German language, there are really interesting cultural and historical classes offered in English. Some upcoming fall classes:

Another great way is to get a taste of German culture is by coming to one of the German Department events; these include holiday events, movie nights, seminars and more! By time of post, German Club will have concluded with our most recent May Day Event in partnership with Euro Club, but we host new events all the time so, keep a look out or subscribe to the German Club mailing list to be notified: germancl@uw.edu

Ultimately, I'm super excited for the future of the German Department and hope to welcome anyone interested in German Club, making new friends, or just free snacks!