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Baden-Württemberg Program


The program offers two different tracks to prepare you for your study abroad in Germany: The express or the traditional route. The program is available to all UW students.

Express Route or German Express

The German Express program consists of a series of intensive courses taking students from no knowledge of German to fluency in less than one year (if they take the summer intensive course.)

In Autumn Quarter students selected for the program enroll in German 221, an accelerated 200-level course, which combines two quarters of second-year German into one.

Students who plan to spend Spring Quarter studying abroad in Germany will enroll in another module of accelerated language instruction during Winter Quarter; to prepare for their time abroad, these students will simultaneously take German 203 and 301.

During Spring Quarter, students will have the opportunity to study abroad at a German university.


By invitation. We invite the best students from our 100-intensive German (summer quarter) and the best students from the German 103 classes (winter, spring, summer quarters) to participate in an accelerated 200-level course.

By application. Students who took 1st year language courses elsewhere and feel they qualify for the German Express program need to apply to the program in person. Students, who are interested, please contact our Language Coordinator.

Course Sequence:

1. During Winter, Spring or Summer Quarter, students will take either German 103 (5 credits) or German 100 (15 credits, the equivalent of one year of beginning German) during summer quarter.

Students are asked to indicate their interest in enrolling in German 221 (ten credits), offered in the fall. We invite highly motivated students who have done well in first-year German at UW or elsewhere.

Students who have been accepted to the program will be sent an ADD CODE for enrollment in German 221.

 2. During Fall Quarter students will take German 221 (ten credits, accelerated, the equivalent of two quarters of second year German, 201 & 202). After completion of this course, the best students will be awarded travel stipends (pending on availability) for study at the University of Tübingen or Heidelberg. All UW students willing to go abroad can apply for additional funding through the Study Abroad Office.

 3. During Winter Quarter students will take German 203 (5 credits) plus German 301 (3 credits, conversation & composition). There will be informational meetings during this quarter to prepare the students for the time abroad.

4. During Summer Semester (approximately mid-April though July) students will study either at the University of Heidelberg or Tübingen. They will be able to earn UW credits.

Traditional or Extended Route

Students who are not able to pursue the accelerated route, but are interested in studying abroad at the University of Heidelberg or Tübingen may also apply to the program.  In order to qualify, students need to demonstrate successful completion of Germ 301 or 302 or demonstrate language proficiency skills at an equivalent level prior to their study abroad semester. The program is available to all majors at the University of Washington. For further information and to apply, please contact our Language Coordinator.


The Department of German Studies awards several Max Kade travel stipends of $1000 US each to the best students (pending of funding) to be applied towards their study during spring quarter at the University of Heidelberg or Tübingen. All students who participated in the express program or took the extended route are eligible for stipends.


Program Contact:
Klaus Brandl
Associate Professor and Language Coordinator, German Studies
346 Denny

Administrative Contact:
Stephanie Welch
Administrator, German Studies
360 Denny