Learning Goals

The following are departmental learning objectives for our majors:

  • To develop skills of listening, analytical and historical thinking, critical reading and writing;
  • To conduct research, use appropriate methods of inquiry, and understand ethical practice in context of the German studies and related disciplines;
  • To acquire advanced (German B.A.) linguistic competency in German; 
  • To acquire intercultural competency, especially skills of recognizing, describing, and engaging critically and comparatively with diverse perspectives and positionalities within German-speaking societies and within one’s own.
  • To understand how individuals and communities are and have been shaped by ideas about difference: race, gender, sexuality, class, nationality, immigration, and citizenship
  • To develop and articulate one’s identity and competence(s) as a bi- /multilingual person;
  • To develop environmental literacy and awareness of sustainability 
  • To cultivate inclusivity, empathy, and civic engagement; 
  • To train the imagination and foster creativity
  • To contribute solutions in collaborative settings to issues of concern 
  • To apply the study of German language and culture to related subjects, and vice versa